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Tips to Prepare for a Beach Cruiser Bike Trip

IMR Tips to Prepare for a Beach Cruiser Bike Trip

A trip to the beach is a go-to vacation for most families, especially during the summer months. When your family goes to the beach, there are a range of activities you can do from swimming in the sea to enjoying water sports. If you want to feel the fresh ocean breeze and experience the warmth of the sun while being active at the same time, then a beach cruiser bike trip with friends and family is a pretty good option to get the best of your beach vacation. However, before heading out to the beach, you need to prepare your beach cruiser bike and understand how it works.

What is a Beach Cruiser Bike?

The first thing you need to consider when planning to go on a bike trip is the type of bike you will use. Choose the best bike depending on where you plan to go. If you want to take a bike trip on your beach vacation, then the beach cruiser bike is the best one for you. Beach cruiser bikes are usually fitted with balloon tires and have an upright sitting posture. They are single-speed bicycles with a straightfoward steel construction which comes with expressive styling. Because beach cruiser bikes are very easy to ride, they are usually popular among casual cyclists and vacationers.

Beach Cruiser Bike Riding Tips

Before you go on your beach cruiser bike ride, here are some bike riding tips to help you prepare for an enjoyable ride!

Check Your Bicycle Tires

First things first, as with any other vehicle with tires, it is important to check your bicycle tires. Inspect your tires and make sure that there are no cuts and that it is not too worn out. If the tread is too worn off, you may have to replace the tire with a new one to avoid accidents. You also have to check and make sure that you have the right tire pressure.

Make Sure to Keep Your Bicycle Lubricated

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that your beach cruiser bike is lubricated before using it. Lubricating your bike will protect it from excess wear that can be caused by too much friction. This will ensure that you have a smooth and peaceful beach cruiser bike ride and help you avoid any problems which might inconvenience you and ruin your trip.

Some signs to know if your beach cruiser bike is in need of lubrication include squeaking and when it appears dry. If so, then apply some drops of lubricant on the lever pivots and barrel adjusters, brake cables, chain, and pivot points. After doing this, don’t forget to wipe off excess lubricant that might have dripped into other parts of the bicycle as this could damage the other components.

Clean the Bicycle Before and After Your Ride

Of course, the most basic rule of using any equipment is to ensure that your beach cruiser bike is always clean. This will not only prevent damage and slow down wear and tear, but it will also increase the performance of your beach cruiser bike. You can opt to wipe down your beach cruiser bike with a damp cloth or, if it is too dirty, you can wash it down and scrub any dirt and debris which may have clung to it. Just make sure to dry it off afterwards to avoid rusting.

Avoid Getting Sand Into Your Chain or Gear

Getting sand into your chain or gear can easily damage your beach cruiser bike. This is because sand can cause friction between the metal parts, which will easily wear down and damage your bike.

Keep You and Your Bike Safe

The best way to keep yourself safe is to obey all traffic laws and mind traffic signs when riding your beach cruiser bike. Wear the proper safety equipment and always ride with caution. As for your beach cruiser bike, keep it safe by making sure that it is always secure. Always double check if it is locked up properly when leaving it unattended.

Summer is fast approaching again, and it’s the perfect time to go to the beach and to try going out on a beach cruiser bike trip. A beach cruiser bike trip is perfect for people of all ages, be it with children or with adults, because it is easy and relaxing to do. If you don’t own a beach cruiser bike, worry not because Island Marine Rentals offers the best beach cruiser bikes for rent. And since you are at the beach already, why not try their popular boat rental in Indian Rocks Beach, FL as well!

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