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Bowrider Boats

Our 24-feet bowrider boats are popular among our boat rental Clearwater because of their versatility. Whether you just need relaxation and want to cruise during the day or are looking to engage in some watersport activities, these are your go-to boats. They are safe for kids too.

Our bowrider carries a maximum of ten people. For a safe boat rental Clearwater experience, we only allow our bowrider boats to cruise three miles from the shore.

Our rates for our bowrider boats are:

  • $249 for 2 hours
  • $399 for 4 hours
  • $509 for 6 hours
  • $609 for 8 hours

Hurricane Deck Boats

People who like to cruise in calm and still waters love hurricane deck boats. They fit large groups of people, perfect for family bonding. If you want to go fishing and just revel under the sun, our boat rentals Clearwater, FL, is your best bet.

You can choose from our variety of hurricane deck boats. Depending on the size, our hurricane deck boat can carry six to ten people.

Here are our rates for our hurricane deck boats:

  • $149 / 6 people for 2 hours
  • $289 / 6 people for 4 hours
  • $359 / 6 people for 6 hours
  • $449 / 6 people for 8 hours
  • $179 / 8 people for 2 hours
  • $299 / 8 people for 4 hours
  • $379 / 8 people for 6 hours
  • $469 / 8 people for 8 hours
  • $219 / 10 people for 2 hours
  • $349 / 10 people for 4 hours
  • $419 / 10 people for 6 hours
  • $529 / 10 people for 8 hours
  • $219 / 10 people for 2 hours
  • $349 / 10 people for 4 hours
  • $419 / 10 people for 6 hours
  • $529 / 10 people for 8 hours

Pontoon Boat

Among our boat rentals Clearwater Beach, pontoon boats are perfect for parties and activities like movie dates, board games, picnics, and dancing. Aside from the usual features, our pontoon boats have rear sun decks, attachable ladders, and a changing room.   

We have three pontoon boat sizes to choose from 22 feet, 25 feet, and 27 feet. Our smallest pontoon boat carries a maximum of eight people; the largest can carry up to 12 people.

Here are our rates:

  • $179 / 8 people for 2 hours
  • $299 / 8 people for 4 hours
  • $379 / 8 people for 6 hours
  • $469 / 8 people for 8 hours
  • $229 / 12 people for 2 hours
  • $379 / 12 people for 4 hours
  • $469 / 12 people for 6 hours
  • $559 / 12 people for 8 hours
  • $239 / 12 people for 2 hours
  • $399 / 12 people for 4 hours
  • $479 / 12 people for 6 hours
  • $579 / 12 people for 8 hours

With a good variety of boats to choose from, we can certainly give you the best boat rental service Clearwater, FL.

Feel free to visit our website and read through our services. You can also call us; we will make sure our line is always open for your inquiries.

The perfect ingredients for the best vacation are: scenic views, world-class delicacies, family-friendly activities, and a fun-filled boat trip across the sea.

With 35 miles of uninterrupted coastline and local outfitters geared with boards near beaches, you can readily satisfy your craving for fun and excitement on the water. If you have only sailed through rivers and lakes, do not miss the opportunity to go boating in the Gulf of Mexico.

A boat rental Clearwater, FL, can take you on several different excursions. You can choose to go beachcombing on Caladesi Island, bird watching on Anclote Key, or snorkeling off of Egmont Key. If you are traveling with kids, rent one of our pontoon boats for an unforgettable fishing trip. We offer the best boat rental service Clearwater Beach, FL, to fit whatever kind of experience you are looking for.

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, it does not come as a surprise that Clearwater is a mecca for boat and fish enthusiasts. Whether it’s adrenaline-filled speed boat rides, serene dolphin watching, or fun sunset cruising, there is truly something on the water for everyone to enjoy.

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IMR Boat Rentals

Embark On a Fun-filled Journey

 The unique coastline of Clearwater Beach is the perfect environment for exciting water activities like boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more. Laidback or super-charged, a water adventure is calling.

Dive into a fantastic experience and start enjoying our beautiful beaches and waterways by choosing our boat rental service Clearwater, FL.

Marvel at Beautiful Marine Life

Our boat rental Clearwater Beach services offer you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet new aquatic friends. Encounter fascinating sea life like pufferfish, filefish, pinfish, sea horses, and sea urchins. Clearwater Beach is also the home of friendly river otters, dolphins, and green sea turtles.

During your trip on our Clearwater Beach boat rentals, we will make sure you will not miss the chance to witness Florida’s beautiful marine life.

Feast Your Eyes on Scenic Views

Clearwater Beach is truly a sight to behold — with its crystal-clear waters and miles of sugar-white sand amplified by the endless blue sky. 

That is not all! The moment the sun goes down, this picturesque sight transforms into a view taken straight from a painting- the best time to end your energetic day on our boat rental Clearwater, FL.

The thrill of being near the waters will unload all your worries and clear your mind. Turn this into reality with our boat rental Clearwater Beach services.

Explore the Dynamic City of Florida

After your natural beach experience with our boat rental Clearwater Beach services, head out to the lively city square of Florida. Feel the fun and the buzz by going shopping and exploring famous itineraries. Clearwater hosts a wide variety of events to fill your days.

Clearwater is also home to an extensive array of fresh delicacies. Our boat rental Clearwater Beach tour’s trusted captain will bring you to many local restaurants where you can sample many local dishes and level up your culinary experience.

Should you need to step off our Clearwater Beach boat rentals to rest, you can choose from plentiful accommodation options that suit your budget and taste. From value lodging to upscale luxury, we will be happy to assist you in finding what you need.

Set Sail at the Sparkling Gem of Florida Gulf Coast

Appreciate the blue waters and delight in the fresh breeze on our boat rental Clearwater Beach. Explore neighboring tourist destinations such as Indian Rocks Beach, Madeira Beach, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Largo, and John’s Pass. Depending on your schedule and the package you choose among our boat rentals Clearwater FL, we can add these famous spots to your trip.

At Island Marine Rentals, you can choose to charter bowrider boats, hurricane boats, or pontoon boats. Take a look at the boats available for boat rental Clearwater.

Please take note, our rates do not include Florida sales tax and fuel. We also require a $500 deposit that we refund at the end of your trip, as long as there's no damage or lost equipment.

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Plan Your Epic Trip With Island Marine Rentals

Passionate and professional, we are one of the most prominent companies that offer boat rentals Clearwater, FL. The loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals from the scores of our clients are proof of our high standards. Here’s why you should choose us when planning for Clearwater Beach boat rentals:

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Years of Experience

We are not new to this industry. We are a successful family-owned company with a steady increase in customers since we started a decade ago, along with the growing requests for boat rentals Clearwater Beach, FL. In fact, we have been voted as the #1 boat rental service for eight years in a row.

Proven Expertise

Over time, we have also acquired expertise on boat rentals Clearwater beach and their features. We selected our boats, mastered the chartering industry, and established good relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. Our knowledge and experience help us offer people choices that best fit their needs and expectations.

Excellent Customer Service

We believe the relationship with people who approach us for boat rental Clearwater Beach, FL, is essential. Choosing us means you trust our expertise in selecting the best possible vessel. Because we know the Gulf so well, we can help plan and list the best itineraries for our customers, with stops that offer a combination of relaxation and excitement.

We are always ready and available to respond to every query, whether by phone, email or in person. We put our customers’ needs first, even last-minute requests or unexpected changes. Should you need music, drinks, and food for your boating tour, we can help you make arrangements. Island Marine Rentals has qualified captains and crew that assist clients before, during, and after the boat charter. Make Your Dream Getaway a Reality With Us.

Explore the Gulf With Island Marine Rentals

Allow us to help you make your dream vacation a reality.
We offer the best price for Clearwater boat rentals. For as low as $169, customers can enjoy a 2-hour boat ride showcasing the beauty of the Gulf and Florida's coast. Call us today, and we'll do our best to help you plan a memorable trip.

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