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Great Fun and Great Exercise! Rent Stand Up Paddle Boards Now!

If you are looking for a great and fun weekend or holiday activity, we might just have the thing for you. Paddle boarding is certainly an activity that everyone should get to try. We also understand that most people might not want to spend too much on a leisure activity. Luckily, paddle boarding is a cheap and affordable way to have fun. Not only is it enjoyable, it is also a great way to exercise as it helps you maintain balance and strengthen your core as well as your legs and arm muscles. At Island Marine Rental, we offer affordable paddle board rentals that will surely fit your budget for your next weekend adventure.

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A Few Hours or All Day

Whether you choose a few hours of fun or an all day outing, we have an adventure that’s perfect for you! Enjoy the Florida sun, sand and waves.

Safe and Secure

Navigation is a breeze with our Garmin GPS system and depth finders to guide you on your way and keep you safe on intracoastal or Gulf waters.

Your Adventure Awaits You!

As you explore the Gulf of Mexico or Florida’s intracoastal waterways, you’ll have lot’s of choices, plus there’s dining and shopping along the way.

Services and Equipment That Come
with Our Paddle Board Rentals

Top-of-the-Line 12-foot Stand Up Paddle Boards

At Island Marine Rentals, we want your paddle boarding experience to be the best it can be. As such, we only offer the best 12-foot boards for our rentals. These stand up paddle boards are extra wide, thus ensuring their stability when in use. With our top-of-the-line paddle boards, you will surely enjoy your next getaway adventure at an affordable price. Our paddle board rentals range from $25 for an hour up to $225 for a week.

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Tons of Safety Features

One important consideration of Island Marine Rentals is our clients' safety. We make sure that our clients enjoy their paddle board rentals in a comfortable and safe way. As such, we guarantee that all our boards are equipped with all the needed safety features. Our stand up paddle boards have anti-slip deck pads to make sure you don’t easily slip or fall off. They are also equipped with quality paddles, life vests and whistles to keep you ready for any eventuality. Safety straps are also available for car top transportation to other nearby waterways.

A Great Experience

Our stand up paddle boards are versatile and great fun. Whether in flat waters relaxing or spotting manatees, our paddle boards will give you a good experience. They can be used in calmer waters like intracoastal waterways or lakes. With our versatile paddle boards, you will surely get the full and fun experience of paddle boarding.

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IMR Free Instruction

Free Instructions

Not everyone may be good at paddle boarding when they start out. However, don’t let this stop you. As they say, there is a first time for everything, and we are here to help. Our staff will provide you with all the instructions you need and will be ready to assist you throughout the whole activity. The best part about this is that it comes with no additional charge!

What Are You Waiting For?

Start seeing beautiful mangroves with nesting birds and marine life up close. Paddle through the intracoastal waterway from our docks! Reserve your stand-up paddle boards now!
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IMR 5 Years Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence