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John's Pass Boat Rentals

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Our Rates

Our John's Pass boat rentals are affordable. Our rates are as follows:

Pontoon Boats

  • $229 / 8 people for 2 hours
  • $379 / 8 people for 4 hours
  • $529 / 8 people for 6 hours
  • $679 / 8 people for 8 hours
  • $259 / 12 people for 2 hours
  • $409 / 12 people for 4 hours
  • $559 / 12 people for 6 hours
  • $709 / 12 people for 8 hours
  • $279 / 12 people for 2 hours
  • $429 / 12 people for 4 hours
  • $579 / 12 people for 6 hours
  • $729 / 12 people for 8 hours

Hurricane Deck Boats

  • $199 / 6 people for 2 hours
  • $349 / 6 people for 4 hours
  • $499 / 6 people for 6 hours
  • $649 / 6 people for 8 hours
  • $209 / 8 people for 2 hours
  • $359 / 8 people for 4 hours
  • $509 / 8 people for 6 hours
  • $659 / 8 people for 8 hours
  • $249 / 10 people for 2 hours
  • $399 / 10 people for 4 hours
  • $549 / 10 people for 6 hours
  • $699 / 10 people for 8 hours
  • $249 / 10 people for 2 hours
  • $399 / 10 people for 4 hours
  • $549 / 10 people for 6 hours
  • $699 / 10 people for 8 hours

Please do take note, our rates do not include Florida sales tax and fuel.

We also require a $500 deposit that we refund at the end of your trip, provided there's no damage incurred or equipment lost.

Explore one of Florida's most visited tourist destinations with our fun-filled boat rentals.

John’s Pass is known for its stunning scenery and interesting history. It was created when a strong hurricane struck and separated the barrier island in 1848. Nestled between Madeira Beach and Treasure Island, it offers tons of great places to visit and explore. No wonder people from different places come back year after year.

Island Marine Rentals offers thrilling boat rentals in John’s Pass for tourists and locals alike. We have a wide array of boats great for cruising the surrounding bodies of water. Our boat rentals are your ticket to witnessing the things that the Gulf of Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay have to offer.

As the go-to provider of boat rentals in John’s Pass, FL, we guarantee you the highlight of your Florida vacation.

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IMR John's Pass Sunset

Go On Adventure-Filled Boat Rentals in John's Pass

Regardless of whether you are a beach lover or not, you are sure to fall in love with the natural beauty of John’s Pass. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of relaxation and adventure. With our St. John’s Pass boat rentals, get yourself ready for an unforgettable experience.  

Witness Picturesque Scenery

Florida never runs out of immaculate places that leave tourists and locals in awe, and John’s Pass is no exception. Aside from its crystal-clear waters that appear in different shades of blue, John’s Pass offers a breathtaking view of Treasure Island’s sandy beaches and Madeira Beach’s pristine shorelines.

Our affordable boat rentals in John’s Pass are a great way to escape from life’s daily stressors. By witnessing a different scenery — both natural and man-made — you’ll experience total relaxation.

Visit Nearby Islands and Places

With our John’s Pass boat rentals, you’ll get to explore the neighboring islands and places aside from Madeira Beach and Treasure Island. Some of the nearby boating spots you can visit are Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Largo.

Depending on how long your scheduled excursion is, you can explore other spots loved by tourists, such as Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island, Three Rooker Island, and Fort De Soto Park during our boat rentals in John’s Pass, FL.

Get Up Close With Marine Creatures

The John’s Pass boat rentals we provide are perfect for families. They give adults and kids a chance to get up close with the rich marine biodiversity. Some of the aquatic animals that live in John’s Pass are dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, schooling fishes, and horseshoe crabs.

Look towards the sky, where different species of birds roam — ospreys, pelicans, herons, bald eagles, egrets, ibises, and more. Spotting these birds feed on small crabs and fishes in mangroves is not rare in our boat rentals in John’s Pass, FL. 

Have a Taste of Great Food and Drinks

To energize yourself, you can have a taste of great food during our John’s Pass boat rentals. There are plenty of restaurants in John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk for you to try. With the wide variety of cuisines they offer, you are sure to find food that satisfies your appetite. There are also refreshing desserts and drinks available to ward off the heat of the sun.

The surrounding islands and places have their own restaurants and local eateries you can also visit during our St. John’s Pass boat rentals. Try their unique food if you have the luxury of time to add restaurant-hopping to your itinerary. 

Shop at Local Stores

Take your shopping experience to a whole new level with our boat rentals in John’s Pass, FL. With more than a hundred stores that offer unique and affordable items, John’s Pass is a shopping paradise. It is home to souvenir, gift, and specialty shops, which are mostly owned by local families.

The stores in John’s Pass offer almost everything, from mementos to necessities, but you can still explore shops from the neighboring island by foot or by car. Our John’s Pass boat rentals add thrill to an otherwise mundane walk or drive.

IMR Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk

Why Go Boating

There are many reasons to go boating. It offers many benefits, including:

IMR People enjoying bowrider boat

1. It gives you fresh air and promotes Vitamin D production.

It’s not a secret that sunshine can promote Vitamin D production in the body. High levels of Vitamin D make your bones and muscles stronger. It also improves your brain, nervous, and immune system health.

Fresh air is energizing and helps improve your blood pressure and heart rate. It also benefits your digestive and immune systems and provides your lungs with clean air.

2. It improves balance.

Strong, crashing waves are inevitable during boating adventures and make it hard to stay on your feet. However, standing while boating strengthens your leg muscles, which results in an improved posture, endurance, and balance.

3. It enhances spatial awareness and visual acuity.

Even when boating with a captain on board, your spatial awareness and visual acuity are still in play. Your mind will estimate the space needed to maneuver around docks or other boats safely.

Enhancing these two skills will help you learn to navigate waters safely, even without a captain. You also get to improve your road driving skills as you become more aware of your surroundings.

4. It helps reduce stress.

Although it depends on other factors as well, listening to the sounds of water has stress-reducing effects, according to a 2018 study. This finding just goes to show that boating can give you an escape from all your daily stressors. It can give you a break to help refresh your mind and improve your mood.  

The stress-relieving effects of water reduce cortisol — also known as the stress hormone — in the body and increase serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. This explains how spending time in bodies of water can reduce stress levels and give you a boost.

5. It improves concentration.

When boating, you have to be aware of the condition in your surroundings. You need to look out for different safety hazards, such as weather changes, strong wind patterns, and boat collisions.

Awareness of your surroundings helps you keep your focus when boating and doing daily tasks. This helps you improve your day-to-day performance at work or school, especially in situations where you have to multitask.

Improved concentration also enhances your prioritization and time management skills, abilities that help you accomplish more tasks and achieve goals on time — or even faster than expected.

6. It boosts mental wellness.

Spending time in the open waters benefits your mental health in big ways. According to an October 2019 study published in the journal of Health & Place, people living near the ocean have better mental wellness. Based on the findings, those residing near bodies of water are less likely to develop depression and anxiety.

IMR Bowrider

Why Choose Our Boat Rental in John's Pass

Having been one of the most trusted providers of boat rentals in John's Pass, FL, since 2004, we are among your best options. We have been voted the #1 boat rental provider by Tripadvisor for eight consecutive years, and that speaks a lot about our commitment and dedication.

Here are some other reasons why our boat rentals in John's Pass, Florida, stand among your best options:

1. We provide an array of boats.

Our St. John’s Pass boat rentals let you choose from three different types of boats:

  • Pontoon Boats – Our pontoon boats come in three different sizes: 22 feet, 25 feet, and 27 feet. Their capacities are as follows:
    • 22-foot: Maximum of eight people
    • 25-foot: Maximum of twelve people
    • 27-foot: Maximum of twelve people
  • Hurricane Deck Boats – Our hurricane deck boats also come in three different sizes: 19 feet, 20 feet, and 23 feet. Their capacities are as follows:
    • 19-foot: Maximum of six people
    • 20-foot: Maximum of eight people
    • 23-foot: Maximum of ten people  
  • Bowrider Boats – Our 24-foot bowrider boats can carry up to ten people. They are suitable for cruising the Gulf of Mexico. For safety purposes, we allow them up to a maximum of three miles offshore.

You can enjoy our boat rentals in John’s Pass, Florida, for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of eight hours — all available at affordable rates.

2. We offer different amenities.

For maximum convenience, our boats come with different amenities, including portable toilets, Bluetooth speakers, and large coolers. Our boats are also fitted with Bimini tops to protect you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays for the entire duration of our boat rentals in John’s Pass, Florida.

If you want to go catch some fish or take a dip in the water during our St. John’s Pass boat rentals, you can! Our hurricane deck boats come with baitwells in case you want to go fishing, and our pontoon boats come with attachable ladders and changing rooms.

3. We prioritize safety.

With safety as our top priority, our boat rentals in John’s Pass, FL, come equipped with complete safety gear. We provide life vests to prevent drowning accidents, especially when cruising offshore.

To avoid getting lost, we also provide Garmin Satellite Chart Plotters and Real-Time GPS Trackers. Without any additional costs, you’ll have access to all these things on our John’s Pass boat rentals.

We check weather forecasts daily, and we are always on the lookout for weather changes. If we don’t think it’s safe for you to head out on the waters, we’ll reschedule your excursion to a time and date that would be convenient for you. 

4. We give you the freedom to plan your itinerary.

One of the best things about our John’s Pass boat rentals is that you get all the liberty to plan your itinerary. As long as you follow our guidelines, limitations, and restrictions, you’re free to explore the waters and places surrounding John’s Pass.

To maximize fun in our boat rentals in John’s Pass, Florida, we also allow alcoholic drinks onboard. We strictly implement the rule that everyone, except the driver, can drink. There’s zero tolerance towards drivers that don’t adhere to this rule.

5. We provide excellent customer service.

We value our relationship with our clients. Aside from providing guaranteed top-quality boats and services, we respond to every client’s queries. We make sure that we attend to all concerns, whether questions or requests, regarding our John’s Pass boat rentals. We even provide orientations at the start of every boating adventure to guarantee that everything goes smoothly.

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