New Pelican and Perception sit-on-top ocean kayaks! We have plenty to choose from with clean lines and sleek design that define the agile and sporty kayaks. Maneuverable and stable, these sit-on-top kayaks offer plenty of speed, capacity and storage space. These simple, easy-to-use kayaks are amazing!

Step off the docks in our large kayaks to explore the wildlife habitats provided by the immense growth of the mangroves, also known as “walking trees.” These unusual trees create a safe haven for birds, including Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Egrets and Rosetta Spoonbills, just to name a few.

Pay special attention to the tunnels formed by the branches and you may encounter a manatee! If you like a little more excitement, take your kayak to the Gulf of Mexico for more wave action.

We can also help load the kayak onto your vehicle and you are off to explore Ft. de Soto Park, Honeymoon Island or your own backyard. Close or far, slow or fast, kayaking is an exploration adventure with no experience necessary.

We offer day  rentals with delivery options available as well.

We offer Go Pro camera rentals at our front office to record the entire experience.

We also offer a paddle boat that holds up to three people for those who need even more stability, and are looking for a lower body workout.