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Paddle Board with Kids: Tips and Hints

IMR Paddle Board with Kids - Tips and Hints

Watersports are a great way to have fun with your kids and encourage them into doing an outdoor activity. In fact, one of the most popular watersport activities for families is paddle boarding. If you enjoy paddle boarding yourself, then it might be a nice idea to introduce your child to it as well. This family-friendly sport could easily serve as your fun and exciting family bonding activity, and we’re sure your kids will love it as well.

It’s understandable that some parents may have some safety concerns when they paddle board with kids. But don’t worry, because there are ways to provide a great kid’s paddle boarding experience without risking your child’s safety.

Keeping Kids Safe While Paddle Boarding

First, you have to determine whether you will paddle board with kids or whether you will provide a separate children’s paddle board for your kid. Knowing which activity you will do is essential to making sure that your child is safe. Below are some tips and hints to keep your kid safe in both scenarios.

Safely Sharing Your Paddle Board with Kids

1. Review your proper paddling technique

To give your child a great paddle board experience, make sure that you at least understand the basics of paddle boarding. Since you will be the one in charge of supervising your child and ensuring his/her safety, it is important that you are a competent paddle boarder yourself to balance and assist your kid when out in open waters.

2. Choose a board with the right size and weight

Different types of paddle boards can support different weight limitations. It is important that you take into account your weight as well as your child’s when choosing a paddle board. If your combined weight is too light, it will be harder to turn and steer the paddle board. If you are too heavy, then the board can turn upside down. Apart from the weight, also choose the proper size for your SUP board, making sure that both of you will fit.

3. Avoid places with strong waves and currents

When you paddle board with kids, it is ideal to choose a place with calmer waters and avoid places with strong waves or currents. As such, it is best to opt for smaller and more protected bodies of water like lakes and bays as compared to seas. This will make it easier to rescue your child should something happen.

4. Make sure your child can swim and always wears a personal flotation device and a SUP board leash

When dealing with bodies of water, emergencies can always happen. As such, one of the most basic safety tips when paddle boarding with kids is to, first and foremost, teach your child how to swim. Then, make sure that he/she wears a personal flotation device and a SUP board leash. These two tips can greatly help in preventing emergencies from turning into tragedies.

Keeping Kids Safe on Their Own Children’s Paddle Board

If you plan on letting your child paddle board on his/her own kid’s SUP board, tips 2, 3, and 4 above are still applicable. Choose the right kid’s paddle board for them. Find a place with calm and protected waters, and make sure to teach them to swim and to wear the proper safety equipment. Apart from those three, here are other tips to keep your child safe as he/she paddle boards on their own.

1. Make sure there is adult supervision

Just because your child is paddle boarding on his/her own kid’s paddle board does not mean that you shouldn’t be watching them. In fact, adult supervision is even more necessary in this case because you will not be the one to control the kid’s paddle board. Teach your kids the proper paddling and balancing techniques to keep them safe and ensure they fully enjoy the experience. Make sure that your child is properly educated with the safety guidelines and what to do when things go wrong.

2. Keep your child hydrated and protected from the sun

Staying exposed to the sun for too long, especially on hot sunny days, can be dangerous for your child. It could easily lead to dehydration and sunburn or even skin cancer. Because of this, don’t forget to bring drinks and food and to ask your child to take breaks and stay hydrated while on the water. You should use some sun protection including sunblock, hats, and long-sleeved clothing.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take your child out on a fun paddle boarding experience. If you don’t have a children’s paddle board for your kid, Island Marine Rentals offers some of the most affordable kids SUP board that you could rent! We offer the best boat rental service in Madeira Beach, FL too!

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