9 Cycling Tips for Beginners

IMR 9 Cycling Tips for Beginners

As a beginner bike rider, you must have a lot of goals in mind. There are so many adventures and amazing locations waiting for you. However, there are also a lot of things you must keep in mind before going on your first cycling trip. There are basic road rules to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your ride.

Cycling is a fun activity, and knowing the basic rules of the road will make it as enjoyable as can be. For you to be safe and have fun during your rides, we made a list of all the best cycling tips for beginners. Learn everything you need to know from gearing up to knowing how to cycle safely before going on your first ever cycling trip.

1. Never Ride with Headphones On

The most basic, yet most important tip of all is to never ride a bike with headphones on. There are a lot of accidents waiting to happen if you are not able to hear all the other vehicles around you. It is crucial to be able to hear emergency vehicles and any type of commotion near you, so you can respond quickly and avoid any accident. If you want to have music during your ride, buy a clip-on radio speaker that can be attached to your bicycle.

2. Be Confident

Some riders think that the safest thing to do while on the road is to stick as close to the side as possible. Although this may seem safe at first, it can actually cause other drivers not to see you, leading to accidents on the road. Always assume a position that will let drivers see you as they pass.

3. Know How to Use Your Gears

One of the most important tips for beginner bike riders is to know when and how to use their bike’s gears. The gears are there to give you an easier time; all you need to do is understand how they work. As you ride, pay attention to your gears and familiarize yourself with how they make you go faster or slower. The main goal of familiarizing yourself with your gears is to maintain a steady rhythm.

4. Get a Proper Bike Fit

In order to be comfortable while on the road, it is important to get a bike fit that will suit your height and reach. Improper bike fit my cause strain and body pain, and will make you uncomfortable during the ride. The height of the seat should be able to give you the perfect angle for your knee when your foot is at the pedal.

Having the perfect handlebar reach means your arms should be at a 45-degree angle on the bike. This will help you prevent soreness as you reach for the handlebars. With a short reach, your knees will also be close to your arms, preventing certain movements. When you are looking for the best bicycle, make sure to do a test ride to determine if it is perfect for you.

5. Pump the Tires to the Right Pressure

Keeping your tire at the right pressure is a simple aspect of maintaining your bicycle. In order to know the right pressure for your tire, look for the recommended range written on the sidewall of the tire itself. This will let you know the right pressure for specific conditions. If you plan on going somewhere slippery, don’t pump your tires to their limit.

6. Always Carry a Patch Kit

In order to know how to cycle safely, you must know how to fix a broken tire. Always bring a patch kit with you on all of your rides. With just a patch kit, a lever, and a pump, fixing a tire will be an easy task for you.

7. Refuel

Your body is like a machine; in order to keep going, it needs to refuel every once in a while. If you are going on a long ride, remember to bring plenty of water and snacks with you. Eat 45 minutes into the ride, and continue to eat every 20 minutes. Eating is one of the most basic bike tips for beginners. Forgetting to do so will make you weak and dehydrated, which can be extremely dangerous to your system.

8. Keep Changing Positions

In order to keep your body awake and to avoid getting numb, move your hands around the bars and keep your rear moving around the saddle. Sitting in the same position for too long may cause the muscles to strain, which may lead to road accidents.

9. Ride with a Group

Riding with a group is usually safer and more organized than riding alone. You will have to follow certain protocols. If it is your first time riding with a group, it’s alright to hang in the back and observe. Learn to ask questions and get more cycling tips for beginners like yourself. Riding with a group ensures safety and security from anything that might happen on the trip.

For people who love adventure, cycling is the best outdoor activity. Just follow the cycling tips for beginners we have provided and you can be sure that your rides will be safe at all times. If you want to see if cycling is a good hobby for you, you can rent a bike with Island Marine Rentals. We also offer the best boat rental in Clearwater Beach, FL, as well as scooters, kayaks, and much more. Contact us now!

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