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8 Benefits of Biking With Your Dog

IMR 8 Benefits of Biking With Your Dog

It’s common for pet owners to want their four-legged friends involved with everything they do. If you’ve been biking for a while, it can become excruciatingly lonely — so take your furry friend with you. Get your daily dose of exercise while bonding with your dog.

Itching to try? Learning how to cycle with your dog is essential for you and your dog’s safety. Note your dog’s temperament, health, and energy levels before engaging them in a new activity. Aside from that, confirm that your dog is bike-ready. Allow them to get familiar with it, and take the time to let them get used to its presence.

If your dog is small, putting them in a basket is much better than letting them run beside you. Bigger dogs and those with better stamina may be able to keep up with you; however, always be mindful of your speed and your surroundings to avoid any accidents.

Benefits of Biking With Your Dog

1. It’s more challenging.

Yes, biking is already challenging as is, but having your dog accompany you is a surefire way to add some well-needed excitement to an otherwise mundane exercise. If your dog loves walks in the park, they’ll probably love cycling with you too.

2. It’s fun.

Your dog will appreciate doing something with you that’s out of the ordinary. Pets, much like humans, can also get bored and act out. Involving them in the things you do can encourage good behavior. Just don’t forget to praise your dog, and give them refreshments at every milestone.

3. It’s encouraging.

Exercising can be fun, but there will always be days when you won’t have the energy to get on the bike. This can affect the goals you’ve set for yourself — but what could be more motivating than seeing your dog wagging their tail? For any good pet owner, knowing your dog is having a good time should help keep you moving through the day.

4. It’s an opportunity to explore.

When you go cycling with your dog, you can reach more places and go farther distances. Always plan your route ahead of time to cover more ground, and stop from time to time to allow your dog to explore. Just be sure to travel short distances first before engaging in long-distance routes.

5. It’s an energy outlet.

Dogs can be hyperactive at times, especially if they get the zoomies; however, you might not always have the time to walk your dog or play with them. Taking your dog out cycling is a guaranteed way to release their pent-up energy.

6. It’s damage prevention.

When your pet is bored, they’re likely to play with anything lying around the house — from tissue paper, slippers, mats, to even your shoes. The lack of things to do can make a dog feel anxious, depressed, and destructive. Going cycling and letting them run beside you is one way to let them have fun and keep the house safe.

7. It’s good exercise.

Cycle touring with a dog is not only beneficial for you, but also for your dog. This can improve their heart health and overall fitness. If you’re worried, you can ask your dog’s vet if it’s okay to engage your dog with cycling.

Things To Bring

When biking with your dog, there are some things you need to bring to keep them safe and comfortable throughout the ride. You need to anticipate everything that might happen during the trip such as the intensity of the trail, the weather, and any major and minor accidents. Your dog’s safety and comfort are just as important as yours.

Here are some of the things you must never forget when you go biking with your dog:

  • Food
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Cooling Vest
  • Towel

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