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5 Scooter Driving Tips for Newbies

IMR 5 Scooter Driving Tips for Newbies - Island Marine Rentals

1. Check your motor scooter’s condition before driving.

The first thing you need to do and perhaps one of the most important scooter driving tips, especially for a newbie, is to check your motor scooter’s condition. To do this, you need to remember six letters — T-CLOCS. This acronym means you need to check your tires, controls, lights (and electric circuits), oil and fluids, chassis, and stands.

But if you have no idea about the motor scooter’s parts, you can always ask the experts from your local motor scooter shop. If you do not have the time to do this, there are also many video tutorials online about the different parts of a motor scooter and their uses.

2. Wear your scooter gear.

Prevention will be better than cure. So, it is advisable always to wear your scooter gear whenever you are driving around. Also, the law requires anyone under 21 years old to wear a helmet whenever riding. If you are booking a scooter rental service, it should include a helmet for scooter riders to ensure your safety while roaming around.

We advise you to wear protective clothing such as a jacket, pair of gloves, and closed shoes for added protection. Knee and shoulder pads also add an extra layer of safety.

3. Find a scooter that suits your body type.

When looking for a scooter to either rent or buy as a newbie rider, we suggest that you look for one that suits your body build. This means you must be comfortable with your ride and able to quickly put both feet down on the ground when needed. Balance and comfort are both crucial when driving a scooter. They will ensure your safety and smooth travels while roaming around Clearwater Beach, Florida.

4. Stay alert at all times.

Are you planning to use a scooter for a long trip? One of our most crucial scooter long ride tips is to make sure that you always stay alert! Yes, it may sound cliche but always remember that you do not have any steel walls to protect you whenever you drive a scooter. Instead, you have yourself and your presence of mind to keep you secure when riding.

Note: Always remember to never drive drunk and also be more cautious when driving at night. These two scenarios can affect your vision when riding, which promotes more risk for vehicular accidents.

5. Inform your passenger about the basic rules of riding a scooter.

Scooters are usually made for two people – a driver and a passenger. To make sure that you’ll have a fun and safe scooter experience, our next scooter driving tip involves educating your passenger about the basic rules of riding a scooter.

Tell your passenger to always lean as much as he or she can to copy your riding position. It is essential to do so because it helps you balance better while driving. At the same time, movements made by your passenger can also distract you while driving, so instruct them to limit sudden movements to prevent any destabilization of the motor scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scooter Driving:

1. Are scooters safe for kids?

We advise you to gear your kids up whenever you plan to bring them along during a long scooter ride for their safety. You should have a helmet, shin guards, knee caps, and gloves for your children too.

So, are scooters safe for kids? Yes, as long as you make sure to equip them with the right gear and guidance while driving.

2. What type of driver’s license should you have before you can start driving a scooter?

Anyone with experience from riding a dirt bike or scooter together with a valid driver’s license can drive a scooter anywhere in the United States. So, if you have these two, you are qualified to drive rental scooters, too.

3. Are there scooter restrictions you should know about before driving a scooter?

Take note that you can not drive on sidewalks, beaches, bicycle lanes, and freeways whenever you ride a scooter. Moreover, you can only ride on motorways and limited-access roads.

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