4 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Kayak Rental

IMR 4 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Kayak Rental

Whenever you are on vacation and looking for a kayak, you should set standards to enjoy your trip. Regardless if you are a newbie or an experienced boater, this article will be helpful to you.

1. What style of kayak should I rent?

If you are a newbie, you might not be able to see the differences between kayaks. Note that each kayak has a different design and purpose.

For newbies, if you are going to rent a kayak for a short period on a calm lake, recreational kayaks will best suit your experience. This type of kayak is vast, and you can rely on its stability, considering that you are a new paddler. Wide kayaks will help you enjoy your boating time without worrying about your safety.

If you rent a kayak for a longer period, touring kayaks will be your best option. This style is designed so one could store food and gear while on a trip. Touring kayaks, which are narrower, are recommended more than recreational kayaks if you’re planning to head for the open water.

Touring kayaks have different sizes. On your next kayak rental, you can use the following information to maximize your boating experience.

Longer kayaks are used for multi-week expeditions. This is designed so boaters can store more food and other stuff.
Day touring kayaks are shorter. You won’t need a longer one if you will only use it for a day.
Sit-on-top kayaks will work for newbies, travelers with children, nervous kayakers, or if you are someone who wants to go fishing, since this style of kayak will expose you to sun and water.

If you are still undecided on which one to get on your next kayak rental, you better tell your outfitter about the details of your trip. They can tell you which kayak will best work for you.

2. Do I want to kayak solo or tandem?

Before you rent a kayak, decide whether you will go solo or with a partner.

Tandem kayaks are best if your paddling partner is a bit nervous. You can boost your confidence with your buddy’s along the way. It is also the right choice if you are paddling with a child who is not ready to do it alone.

Note that when you take a tandem kayak on your kayak rental, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it on your own. Some kayakers, even those who are experienced, enjoy paddling with a companion. Sometimes one needs to practice their teamwork abilities, too. It can give extra meaning to your kayak experience.

Keep in mind that there is no wrong decision in choosing a kayak, so enjoy the freedom of choosing between all the available options. This is what’s good about kayak rentals — if your tandem experience doesn’t give you satisfaction, you are free to try a solo boat next time.

3. Once I rent a kayak, should I be guided or paddle by myself?

Most kayak rental shops offer beginner lessons up to skill-specific clinics. If you are an adventurer and like to explore but aren’t ready to go alone, you can ask an outfitter to guide you on your trip. They will help you to discover the beauty and learn new things about the area’s environment.

If you are an experienced paddler, you can rent a boat and explore by yourself, or choose from established trip plans, so you’ll have less preparation. Trip plans are offered in many kayak rental shops, and aside from safety and equipment rental, they will also provide shuttles to bring you back to your launch spot. But if you’d like to consider enhancing your kayak capabilities, you might also want to take some lessons during your tour.

4. How do I make sure everything on the kayak is in working order?

Here is a checklist that you can use as your guide.

  • Check the hull and sides of the kayak. Minor scratches and dents are normal, but a major one can affect its function.
  • The outfitting inside the kayak should not have any damage.
  • If possible, test the skeg or rudder to make sure all parts function correctly.
  • The grab loop should be intact, and the skirt should not have holes.
  • Kayak hatches should open and close properly.
  • Deck rigging should be in place. You can use this on a long trip and if you want to put a map in front of you while paddling.

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